Friday, February 8, 2013

Letters from the Front - Nathan Hayward

Sunday, February 8, 1863

In a letter to his father Doctor Nathan Hayward remarked on the mildness of the winter in Falmouth, noting that bluebirds had returned to the Falmouth area. He pondered the next campaign of the Army of the Potomac, postulating that General Hooker may repeat McClellan’s movement toward the Peninsula as in the previous year. Doctor Hayward also mentioned that General Hooker’s popularity with the Army of the Potomac was rising, partially due to the furloughs granted to officers and enlisted men alike. 1

1Nathan Hayward, "Letters," Association of Officers of the Twentieth Massachusetts Regiment, Reports, Letters and Papers Appertaining to Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, vol. 1, p. 408-410, Twentieth Massachusetts Special Collection, Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts.

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