Friday, February 15, 2013

Letters from the Front - Nathan Hayward

Sunday, February 15, 1863

In a brief letter to his father Doctor Nathan Hayward related that the Twentieth was engaged in hard work in their provost duty in Falmouth. He noted that every department of the army had seen a change for the better since General Hooker had assumed command and noted that the removal of the grand divisions instituted by General Burnside had a positive effect. The quality and quantity of rations for the soldiers were improving, and he mentioned that all soldiers were to receive “three rations of potatoes, two of onions, and tea every week, and fresh bread at all times.”1

1Nathan Hayward, "Letters," Association of Officers of the Twentieth Massachusetts Regiment, Reports, Letters and Papers Appertaining to Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, vol. 1, p. 410-412, Twentieth Massachusetts Special Collection, Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts.

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