Twentieth Massachusetts Regiment Memorial
Boston Public Library

Insignia - Twentieth Massachusetts Regiment Memorial
Boston Public Library

Battle of Ball's Bluff

Ball's Bluff Battlefield

Battlefield View at Bluff

Ball's Bluff National Cemetery

Colonel Baker Wounding Site

Union Retreat Path

Potomac River and Harrison's Island

Journey of the Captives - Ball's Bluff

Stone House at Manassas
Captured Union Officers held prisoner here

Battle of Fair Oaks - Grapevine Bridge and Chickahominy River

Chickahominy River at Grapevine Bridge

Chickahominy River at Grapevine Bridge

Sign Marker at Grapevine Bridge

Plaque at Grapevine Bridge

Seven Days Battles - Gaines Mill

Gaines Mill Battlefield

Plaque at Gaines Mill Battlefield

Sign Marker at Location of Gaines Mill

Plaque at Location of Gaines Mill

Seven Days Battles - Savage Station

Savage Station

Savage Station - Sedgwick's Division

Sign Marker at Savage Station

Plaque at Savage Station

Seven Days Battles - White Oak Swamp

White Oak Swamp Bridge

Sign Marker at
White Oak Swamp

Plaque at White Oak Swamp

Interpretive Marker at White Oak Swamp

Seven Days Battles - Glendale

Glendale Battlefield

Glendale Battlefield

Glendale National Cemetery

Sign Marker at Glendale

Seven Days Battles - Malvern Hill

Malvern Hill Battlefield - West House

Sign Marker at Malvern Hill

Willis Church Parsonage Ruins

Malvern Hill Battlefield

Harrison's Landing

Harrison Estate - Berkeley Plantation

Gardens at Berkeley Plantation

Grounds at Berkeley Plantation

James River at Harrison's Landing

Lincoln Visit Marker

"Taps" Memorial


West Woods

West Woods

Dunker Church


Sunken Lane

Burnside Bridge

Seventh Michigan Marker

Upper Pontoon Crossing Plaque

Rappahannock River

Riverbank at Upper Crossing

Hawke Street

Hawke and Caroline Streets
Second Battle of Fredericksburg

Stone Wall and Sunken Road with Marye's Heights in Background

Sunken Road

Twentieth Massachusetts Marker
Initial Battle Position Day 2 and 3

View towards Copse of Trees from Twentieth Massachusetts Marker

Bronze Plaque Marks Twentieth Massachusetts Position at Copse of Trees

General Lewis Armistead's Wounding Site near Copse of Trees

View of Confederate Approach from the Angle

View of Copse of Trees from the Angle