Saturday, June 8, 2013

Letters from the Front - Doctor Nathan Hayward

Monday, June 8, 1863

In a letter to his father Doctor Nathan Hayward reported the crossing of the Rappahannock by General Sedgwick. At first he was concerned that it was part of a larger action but relayed that Sedgwick's movement was mainly demonstrative. Hayward was concerned that he would need to return to the Lacy House, which had been used as a hospital for two battles at Fredericksburg. He proclaimed, "I sincerely wish that my post may not be again at the Lacy House. The house is haunted for me with the horrors of the previous battles. I would like a change of place." 1

1Nathan Hayward, "Letters," Association of Officers of the Twentieth Massachusetts Regiment, Reports, Letters and Papers Appertaining to Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, vol. 1, p. 425-427, Twentieth Massachusetts Special Collection, Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts.

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