Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Journey of the Captives

Friday, January 31, 1862

After arriving at Washington on Tuesday morning, Charles Peirson had a full schedule of interviews with army leaders and government officials for the entire week. He scheduled an appointment on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock to speak with General George McClellan and waited until 4 o'clock in the afternoon to meet with him. He spoke with Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and General Charles Stone at General McClellan’s office. He wrote letters to Governor John Andrew in Massachusetts, and to Major Paul Revere and Doctor Edward Revere in Richmond. On Friday he met again with General McClellan and was warmly received.1

1Charles Lawrence Peirson, "Memorandum of the Battle of Leesburg," Association of Officers of the Twentieth Massachusetts Regiment, Reports, Letters and Papers Appertaining to Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, vol. 1, p. 137-38, Twentieth Massachusetts Special Collection, Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts.

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