Friday, November 18, 2011

Journey of the Captives

Monday, November 18, 1861

Adjutant Charles Peirson, one of the officers imprisoned at Ligon's Factory, applied to the provost marshal, General Jonathan Winder, for permission to visit Colonel Lee and Major Revere at the Henrico County Jail. General Winder refused permission for the visit. He announced that six hundred prisoners would be transported to Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Friday, and that an additional five hundred prisoners would be removed to North Carolina. The remaining prisoners would be sent to North Carolina within a few weeks. The officers would be allowed to select either Alabama or North Carolina. Adjutant Peirson wrote to Captain George C. Gibbs, Commandant of Richmond, to request that he, Lieutenant George Perry, and Dr. Edward Revere remain in Richmond for as long as possible.1

1Charles Lawrence Peirson, "Memorandum of the Battle of Leesburg," Association of Officers of the Twentieth Massachusetts Regiment, Reports, Letters and Papers Appertaining to Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, vol. 1, p. 119, Twentieth Massachusetts Special Collection, Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts.

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